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Reaching the Unreachable


Bishop Marvin Scott, Ph.D.

Bishop Scott is the youngest of seven children, and highly regarded by them as a “Crusading Servant-Leader of the Kingdom of God" in this generation. He and his lovely wife Minister Elaine Scott have been married for over thirty-five years and are the proud parents of two adult sons, a daughter-in-law and two adorable grand-daughters.

Bishop Scott acknowledged his call to the ministry at the age of 14 years old, November 4, 1970. After proving himself faithful before God and man, he was publicly ordained April 8, 1973 while still a junior in high school. In 1975 Bishop Scott was appointed Special Assistant to Bishop H. Manker of the True Gospel Deliverance Ministries, which consisted of three churches: Savannah, GA; Claxton, GA; and Robertville, SC. In 1977 Bishop Scott stretched out on his faith as Abram.

He left his father’s house and all his kindred and departed for the Nation’s Capital with nothing tangible to hold onto but the Word of God.

Evangelism: He has proved faithful for over 44 years in preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Continental USA, Africa and the West Indies.

Service: Bishop Scott is a staunch Supporter and Advocate of the Ministry of Christ, Founder and Visionary Pastor of The Outreach Deliverance Center, Fluent Author of five Kingdom ordained books and numerous workshop and training materials. Evangelist, Preacher & Teacher Extraordinaire, Advocate & Voice of the disfranchised in the community, prisons, shelters, and marketplace, Tithes Giver and last but not least, he is a Yielded Worshiper of The One & True Living God.

Education: Bishop Scott graduated from the following schools and training centers: Robertville Elementary School, Ridgeland High School, and The F.B.I.’s Fingerprint Technical School as Expert Fingerprint Examiner. He holds a N. A. from the Medical Aid Training Center, Washington, DC, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible Theology from The International and Bible Institute and Seminary, Plymouth, FL, a Master’s Degree in Bible Theology from Regency Christian College, Jacksonville, FL and a Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Regency Christian College, Jacksonville, FL.

Professionalism: Bishop Scott is a retired federal government employee after 35 years of service.

Presently he divides his time between his family, contract work and the ministry.